South Päijänne offers excellent bird watching locations for enthusiasts. The best times for bird watching are spring and early summer (end of April to June) and early autumn (August and September), when you can admire the migration of the birds. Waterfowl species can be observed on the ridges around Lake Päijänne, among the reeds in lake inlets, along the Pulkkilanharju ridge and on the island of Kelvenne in Päijänne National Park. Among the first to arrive are the Whooper Swan, Coot, Great crested Grebe, Black-headed Gull, Barnacle Goose and Canada Goose. Bird watching is an inexpensive and interesting hobby that is suitable for all ages!

Excellent bird watching locations include:

1. Lakeshore of Päijänne (Männistö)
2. Vääksy Canal area and bird watching tower
3. Pulkkilanharju ridge

4. Tuomasvuori observation tower
5. Nyystölä bird watching tower
6. Kelvenne island (Päijänne National Park)

7. Päijätsalo island
8. Suopelto area
9. Sysmä: Natura 2000 area

Bird wathcing locations on map: