At the Evo Hiking Area you can enjoy varied forest, ridge and lake scenery shaped by the Ice Age. The Evo Hiking Area is suitable for both families and those who want to hike a day or two, as the area includes both shorter nature trails and longer marked hiking trails. Along the trails there are several campfire sites and lean-to shelters that offer good places for rest. If you want to hike longer and stay overnight, lean-to shelters, camping sites, reservable lean-to shelters or rental cabins offer plenty of choice. 

The Evo Hiking Area also offers excellent possibilities for other activities like fishing. At the Evo Recreational Fishing Area you can find several lakes where salmons have been planted.

A great place to fish, for example, is Lake Niemisjärvi where you can fish either from the lakeshore or by renting a boat. To fish at Lake Niemisjärvi you must pay both the national fishing management fee and the provincial lure fishing fee. Fishing permits can be purchased from a machine at Lake Niemisjärvi, from a kiosk situated at Niemisjärvi or as a mobile permit. The Evo Hiking Area can be reached by car (car park areas: Evo Centre, Iso-Tarus, Kelkute, Lake Rahtijärvi, Syrjänalunen) or by hiking via connecting trails from Asikkala (Aurinko-Ilves connecting trail) or Padasjoki (Päijänne-Ilves connecting trail).

More information about the Evo Hiking Area 


1  Located in the municipalities of Padasjoki and Hämeenlinna

2 Total area 47 km²

3  Established 1994

Aurinko-Ilves trail

The scenery along the trail range from esker forest in Aurinkovuorito spectacular lake views, and the charming Kurhila village.When approaching to Evo, the murmuring forestbrooks create a lovely backdrop for the walk.


Aurinko-Ilves trail

Päijänne-Ilves trail

The Päijänne-Ilves trail forms a connection to the EvoHiking Area. It contains nicely varying terrain, includingvillages, forests, swamps and dry peaty forests.


Päijänne-Ilves trail