Ahola Cottages are located in Padasjoki municipality in the village of Vesijako. Four log cottages are available flor rent: Kuha “The Pike-perch” (for 6 + 2 persons), Muikku “The Vendace” (for 4 +2 persons), Lohi “The Salmon”(for 6 +2 persons) and Ahven “The Perch” (for 3 +2 persons), all of which are located by the lakeshore of Lake Vesijärvi – great fishing waters! Padasjoki is located a little less than 20 km away and the city of Lahti about 70 – 76 km away depending on the location of the cottage. In June and July we also have a local Fresh Market, where you can buy local food and mouth-watering delicacies from local suppliers! 

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Name:  Ahola Cottages

Address:  Vesijaonraitti 303,17630 Vesijako

Telephone number:  050 – 3365 163

Email:  pasi.ahola(at)pp3.inet.fi

Home page:  www.aholanmokit.fi