Cross-country skiing tracks are made on the frozen Lake Päijänne and Lake Vesijärvi during the winter. If possible, tracks are made for both skating and traditional cross-country skiing techniques. Note that the tracks are not official tracks and are not maintained or checked on a daily basis. Skiing on the frozen lakes is always at your own risk.

Tracks on Lake Vesijärvi:

Kalmarinranta – Pirppulanranta – Varjansaari island – Kalmarinranta: “triangular” track plus a track that goes around Varjansaari island.

Tracks on Lake Päijänne:

The track starts from Kuotaanranta and continues to Salpaus Further Education Centre along the lakeshore of Päijänne. Then the track continues to the lean-to shelter on Linkosaari island, to Pernasaari island and around the island towards to Heinäsaari and Lautasaari islands and around the islands and back to Kuotaanranta. The track can be reached also from following places: Kuotaa, Katajatie road, Vartiopolku road, Café-restaurant Majakka–Paviljonki, Meijeritie road, Päijänteentie road, Kuhapolku road and Piekkolanranta.

In addition, you can find 3 km, 7.5 km, 10 km, 12 km and 15 km ski tracks from Aurinkovuori outdoor recreational area, of which the 3 km and 7.5 km tracks are for both skating and classical styles. The longer tracks are made only for classical techniques. See the Aurinkovuori outdoor recreational area map.


You can find a number of cross-country skiing tracks in Padasjoki municipality and in the villages nearby. In addition, Padasjoki municipality maintains skiing tracks on the frozen Lake Päijänne if the weather and ice conditions permit.

The track follows this route: 
Padasjoki Marina – Vähä-Haukkasalo island (3 km) – the east point of Lietsaari island (+3.5 km) – Kelvenne island (Isohieta +2.5 km) – Hietasaari island’s campfire site (+5 km). The return trip totals 28 km. See the route map here.


The cross- country skiing tracks in Sysmä can be found in the vicinity of the Sports House (Urheilutalo), Ohrasaari island, Tervalepikon Torpat cabins and Lake Majutvesi if the ice conditions permit. You can download the track map of Tervalepikon Torpat cabins here. 

For adventurous types, more challenging tracks can be found at Salpausselkä in Lahti.