With Sysmä’s group tours you can visit the historical manors and beautiful gardens. You can find two examples of the tours here, but the final program will be tailored according to the customer’s wishes.


Name:  Sysmä Municipality, Mrs Raija Hänninen

Telephone number:  +358 44 7134 511

Email:  raija.hanninen(at)

Three manors in Sysmä

During the tour we will visit Virtaa Manor, Nordenlund Manor and Vanha-Kartano Manor, of which Virtaa Manor and Vanha-Kartano Manor have been co-owned. One can find references to the Vanha-Kartano Manor dating back to the early 1500s. The lower part of Virtaa Manor was built between the end of the 1700s and early 1800s. Nordenlund Manor also has a long and colourful history; the current family has owned the manor since 1740. During the trip we hear about the history and the present of each manor. The programme also includes lunch, either at Virtaa Manor, Sysmän Theatre House or a local café called “Lintan Kammari”. The total duration of the trip is about 6 hours.


Daytrip to Sysmä’s beautiful gardens

During this trip we visit Pöntinen Perennial Garden and Mynnilä Arboretum. At the perennial garden you can walk around and explore a variety of structural solutions. At thearboretum, in turn, you can explore both perennials and woody plants. In addition, a number of roses, shrubs and perennial plants bloom in the yard. The trip takes about five hours, during which lunch is eaten in Sysmä according to the customer’s wishes.


Tours can tailored to your wishes. The number of participants and possible food restrictions should be notified a week before the trip. We are not liable for any cancellation costs.