The Päijänne-Ilves trail forms a connection to the EvoHiking Area. It contains nicely varying terrain, includingvillages, forests, swamps and dry peaty forests. TheCudgel War memorial adds a touch of history, andFrans Joosef Pond’s nature reserve lets you experiencepristine nature. Another noteworthy landmark is an exceptionallylarge boulder close to the end of the trail.


Lenght:  13 km

Trail markings:  Yellow painted marks and ribbons

Difficulty: Medium

Altitude difference:   78 m

Duration:  3-5 h.

Starting point:  Padasjoki Marina, Laivarannantie 41, Padasjoki. N61 21.744 E25 17.705

Ending point:  Iso-Tarusjärvi, Taruksentie 290, Padasjoki. N61 17.295 E25 15.562


The diverse Päijänne-Ilves trail starts from Padasjoki Marina. It includespaved pedestrian and bicycle routes, gravel road, forest road,fields and forest paths. The start of the trail is easy to walk and thereis not much elevation. Before the middle section of the trail, in thevillage of Nyystölä, there is a Cudgel War memorial, after which youcan make a separate trip to the Nyystölä birdwatching tower. Theend of the trail is more difficult, as it includes more incline and rockyplaces, and the scenery also becomes more forested. There is onelean-to shelter along the trail, Nuijamiehenkolo, about 10 km fromthe starting point. There is also a compost toilet next to the shelter.After the lean-to, the trail continues towards the Frans Joosef Pondnature reserve and on towards Tarus, where there is a campfire site,swimming beach, camping site and parking area.


This medium trail takes about 3 to 5 hours to walk. It can be walked inrunning shoes, but in rainy weather and early in the morning the grassis wet, so waterproof shoes are recommended. Due to the challengingrocky sections and inclines, hiking boots may be a better choice. In addition,take a map, knife, matches and toilet paper with you.


From the end point of the trail, you can continue using the extensivetrail networks of Tarus and Evo Hiking Areas or onto the Aurinko-Ilvesconnecting trail leading to Vääksy (see page 12). There is one lean-toshelter along the trail. The Tuomastornit observation towers near PadasjokiMarina are definitely worth visiting. A wide range of services isavailable at the Padasjoki Marina and in the centre of Padasjoki at thebeginning of the trail. Video of Kullasvuori and its surroundings.


The trail starts from Padasjoki Marina. You can travel by bus to thecentre of Padasjoki, which is about 2 km from the starting point.The end of the trail in Tarus is about 3 km from the nearest bus stop(which is on highway 24).


1.  Tuomasvuori observation tower

2.  Frans Joosef Pond, nature reserve area

3.  Forest brooks and ponds