Located in Vintturi, Sysmä, Kammiovuori (“ChamberMountain”) is the highest spot in the Eastern Häme(Tavastia) region, offering breathtaking views over theregion’s forests and lakes. The trail passes through atmospheric,hilly forest terrain. Interesting sights alongthe path include the impressive, seven-metre bouldernamed “Linta”, and Hiskias’s cave. The cave is namedafter a vagabond who, according to local legend, usedto live in the cave at the beginning of the 20th century.Despite the challenging terrain, Kammiovuori is apopular destination for families with children, as well.


Lenght:  4 km

Trail marking: Paited blue and white marks

Difficulty:  Hard

Altitude difference:  120 m

Duration:  2-3 h

Starting point:  Kammiovuori parking, Nutturintie 104, Sysmä, N61 41.443 E25 41.366


The trail starts from the parking area and goes up through a mixed,mostly coniferous forest towards Kammiovuori. A clearly markedpath leads to a lean-to shelter and campfire site. This is a good placeto stop and rest before continuing the climb. After the lean-to shelter,the trail divides into a circular trail leading past Hiskias’s caveand the boulder Linta all the way to the top of the Kammiovuori hill.The view from the hilltop is spectacular, but be very careful near theedge of the cliff. The trail passes through very varied landscape fromgroves to dry pine forests and romantic spruce forests.



This trail is rated Hard. The rocky sections with large stubs and steepinclines make it challenging. Despite this, Kammiovuori is a populardestination for families with children, as well. Extra caution shouldalways be applied near the edge of the hill. The trail is accessibleduring the snow-free seasons. There are support ropes to helpclimbing at the steepest sections.



The trail can bewalked in running shoes, although hiking boots can be a better alternativefor this varied terrain. One of the Struve Geodetic Arc triangulators isclose to the summit of Kammiovuori. You can see several really large anthills along the trail. Those arriving by boat can use the jetty in Vintturi village, 3 km from the trail. The nearest shops are in Sysmä.



You can get to the starting point of the trail by car. From Sysmä, take
road 612 towards Luhanka and drive 24 km, then turn right onto Vintturintie
and drive 2 km, turn left onto Nutturintie and continue about 1 km
to the Kammiovuori parking.


1.  Spectacular views from Kammiovuori hilltop

2.  Boulder “Linta”

3.  Hiskia’s Cave