The Kuninkaanpolku Trail in Hartola is a fascinating mixof nature and culture. Stop on the Ekonkoski archedbridge to see trout swimming in the bright water. Continuewith a relaxing walk through the pleasant peatlandforest. Cross a gently rocking suspension bridgeto the lovely surroundings of the Itä-Häme Museum,which showcases the varied history of the region.


Lenght:  3,8 km

Difference:  Easy

Altitude difference:  20 m

Duration:  1-3 h

Starting point 1:  Linna-Hotel, Kaikulantie 86, Hartola, N61 34.269, E26 02.183

Starting point 2: Itä-Häme Museum, Koskipääntie 4, Hartola, N61 34.128, E26 01.015


Kuninkaanpolku Trail can be started from the Linna Hotel or Itä-HämeMuseum. When starting from the Linna Hotel, the first section of thetrail passes lovely old buildings belonging to the folk high schoolItä-Hämeen opisto. From there, the trail follows an idyllic countryroad towards the arched bridge crossing the pristine Ekonkoski rapidsin River Tainionvirta. After the bridge, the trail continues alongthe road until it turns right into the forest. The path leading throughthe forest is clearly marked. The landscape consists of peatland forest,and you can give your feet a soothing peat treatment if you wish.After the forest section, the trail follows a field to the sports ground,from where a suspended bridge across River Tainionvirta leads tothe beautiful surroundings of Itä-Häme Museum. After the museum,the trail continues to the old Hartola Church monument and makesone more turn towards the river before leading to the Kaikulantieroad and back to the starting point along a lovely birch path.


The trail consists of paths, dirt roads and pedestrian routes, and is veryeasy to walk. The hardest sections are between Ekonkoski rapids andthe sports grounds, where the path leads through fairly damp swampterrain. For this reason, waterproof shoes are recommended, unless theweather has been very dry.


There are two swimming beaches along the trail: next to the sports field,and near Kaikulantie. In addition, there is a winter swimming place nearthe museum. In the winter, there are ski tracks in the forest sections ofthe trail and, therefore, it can only be walked during the snow-free seasons.The town of Hartola with its services is quite close to the trail. RiverTainionvirta is also a good canoeing destination (see p. 16) and one ofthe most popular rapids fishing places in Southern Finland.


The trail can be started from the Linna Hotel or Itä-Häme Museum. Hartola has good bus connections.


1.  Pristine Tainionvirta river

2.  Itä-Häme Museum

3.  Atmospheric peatland forest