Aurinko-Ilves is a lovely connection trail leading fromthe beautiful Vääksy Canal area through paths, foresttracks and old forest roads to the large forests and extensivetrail network of the Evo Hiking Area. The scenery along the trail range from esker forest in Aurinkovuorito spectacular lake views, and the charming Kurhila village.When approaching to Evo, the murmuring forestbrooks create a lovely backdrop for the walk.


Lenght:  31 km

Trail markings:  Aurinko-Ilves signs and  yellow/orange markings

Difficulty:  Medium

Altitude difference:  54 m

Duration:  1-2 days

Starting point:  Vääksyn sports centre 16, Asikkala N61 10.688, E25 31.308

Ending point:  Mustalammi Evo Talvilammentie 549, Hämeenlinna N61 14.139, E25.11.524


After departure from the Vääksy Sports Centre, the trail climbs steeplyto the Aurinkovuori hill (“Sun Mountain”). Close to the startingpoint, the Aurinkovuori lean-to and lookout spot offer a great viewover Lake Päijänne. From Aurinkovuori, the trail continues towardsthe deep kettle holes “Syrjänsupat” and the Kuurnamäki lean-towhich, in turn, offers a nice view over the Finnish rural landscape.The next attraction along the trail is the Kurhila village, where thetrail passes the coffee shop Vanha Kevar and leads to SeurantaloKuhilas, a camping site with a sheltered cooking facility. From there,the trail mainly follows old forest roads with short sections of paths.There are two lean-to shelters in atmospheric places by brooks: Uusimyllyand Kaupinsaari. The trail ends at Haarajärvi parking area.


Some sections of the trail include difficult terrain, and there are somesteep hills. After heavy rain, the soil is soft. It is advisable to have a mapwith you, because some sections of the trail have tall grass and worntrail markings. Due to the length of the trail, you should reserve plentyof time and food for the trip.


From the end point of the trail, you can continue using Evo Hiking Area’sextensive trail network or onto the Päijänne-Ilves connecting trailleading to Padasjoki (see page 14). There are four lean-to shelters withcampfire sites and compost toilets along the trail. The impressive deepkettle holes “Syrjänsuupat” are in the northern part of Aurinkovuori. Tosee them, you need to make a separate 1.5-km trip. In the summertime,there is a lot to see in the Old Vääksy area, including the canal, coffeehouses and shops.


The Aurinko-Ilves trail can be started from Päijännetalo or Sports Centre inVääksy. There are good bus connections to the starting point. The nearestbus stop is in the old centre of Vääksy. The end point of the trail is in a forestarea, from where you can return by car (e.g. taxi) or continue hiking inthe Evo Hiking area or along the Päijänne-Ilves trail leading to Padasjoki


1.  Lake views from the top of Aurinkovuori

2.  Deep kettle holes

3.  Kurhila village’s cultural landscape & romantic brooks