Stone age experience in Kullasmarina

Come to a time travel to the Stone Age by the Lake Päijänne in Finland. You will follow the steps of the Siberian mammoth hunters’ descendants who lived, fished and hunted here 8000 years ago. You’ll experience natural attractions moulded by the Ice Age on a hiking trip to Tuomasvuori lookout towers and on a rowing trip. The soft sauna experience in the Stone Age style sauna by the Lake Päijänne  is unbelievable and timeless. The silent moment in a sauna will connect you gently to the past generations. Bathing on refreshing waters of Lake Päijänne on Kullasmarina’s sandy beach cleans both the soul and the body. During a day you will enjoy lunch between activities.

Group size: 10-50 persons (Ask an offer for bigger groups)
Duration: Half a day
Availability: May – september
Price: 147 € / person
Price includes: Lunch with non-alcoholic beverages, guided hiking trip, guided rowing trip, guided sauna experience.
Services not included: Travellers’ insurances, alcoholic beverages.


Optional extras:

  • Transportation from Helsinki-Vantaa airport or from Lahti railway station and other transportation services
  • “Tone Age man” makes a spell to take evil spirits out of the sauna and sing traditional Kalevala vocal poem greeting before he´ll take you to sauna.
  • “Stone Age woman´s traditional sauna treatments” – Spirits, myths and herbs! The ancient times sauna rituals were associated with spiritual cleansing, the integrity of the individual and the community and even the idea of reincarnation. Under the guidance of the Folk Healer we will explore the shamanistic side of the sauna. We feel the power of nature through whisking, herbs, and healing steam. We also get acquainted with old sauna myths and rituals


Name:  Kullasmarina Resort

Address:  Kullasvuorenkuja 1, FI -17500 Padasjoki

Phone:  +358 40 487 0622 (Nina), +358 500 352 442 (Kalevi)