The Päijätsalo area in Sysmä offers several alternativesfor a day trip in varied forest and lake sceneries.The longest circular trail comprises 4.1 km of atmosphericforests and shores of Lake Päijänne. Part ofthe trail extends to the Päijänne National Park, andits main attraction is the observation tower built in the19th century. Situated in the middle of the island, thetower offers an impressive view over Päijänne.


Lenght:  4,1 km

Trail markings:  Painted blue and red marks (colors marked on the map)

Difficulty:  Medium

Altitude difference:  37 m

Duration:  2-3 h

Starting point By car: Päijätsalo parking, Sorolantie 28, Sysmä, N61 29.046 E25 35.043

Starting point by boat: Pyydysniemi excursion harbour, N61 28.925 E25 33.659


The trail starts from the Päijätsalo parking area or, if accessed by boat,from Pyydysniemi. There are several paths in the area, and you can planyour route as you wish. The terrain consists mainly of peaceful coniferousforest with sections of broad-leaved trees near the lake. Thanks to the elevatedgrounds in the central part of the island, and of course the magnificentscenery, this is a nice hiking destination with varying terrain. There isa campfire site in Pyydysniemi, which belongs to Päijänne National Park.The lovely observation tower can be reached from both starting points.


The trails are mainly in good condition and clearly marked. The most
challenging sections are the rather steep incline to the observation tower
and a rather rocky path by the lake north of Pyydysniemi. The trail can
be walked in running shoes.


The trail can be accessed during the snow-free seasons. There is acampfire site, toilet and firewood in Pyydysniemi, which is also a greatplace to swim. Things to remember to take with you: toilet paper and, ifyou are planning to have a fire, a knife and matches. Various services,attractions, jetties and a boat fuelling station can be found in the nearbytourist businesses of Pinxinmäki and Ilola, which are open in the summertime.The nearest shops are in the centre of Sysmä, 7 km from thetrail’s starting point.


Those arriving to the area with their own car start the trail from the Päijätsaloparking area. From the centre of Sysmä, continue to Supellontie(5 km), then turn left onto Päijätsalontie (2 km) and then right onto Sorolantie.Those arriving by boat start the trail from Pyydysniemi. There isa jetty for small boats.


1.  1800-luvulla rakennettu näkötorni

2.  Kauniit järvi- ja metsämaisemat

3.  Pyydysniemen tuli- ja uimapaikka