Try frisbeegolf amidst the beautiful scenery of Padasjoki Kullasvuori outdoor recreational area and visit the Tuomasvuori observation tower with panoramic views over the glittering waters of Lake Päijänne and Päijänne National Park. Padasjoki DiscGolfPark is an 18-hole woodland course that offers challenges. The DiscGolfPark is free and discs can be borrowed from the tourist information point located at Padasjoki Laivaranta Marina during the summer. Accommodation next to the Padasjoki fresbeegolf www.kullasmarina.fi

Frisbeegolf can also be played at Kalmarinranta Beach in the village of Vääksy. This 12-hole course is particularly suitable for beginners. The course can be considered as one of Finland’s most beautiful due to the lakeside scenery. The car park is located by Kalmarintie road, where you have to drive via Kanavatie road. The DiscGolfPark is free. 

Golfers, in turn, can enjoy a challenge at Vääksy Kanava Golf’s 18-hole course. See the Vääksy Kanava Golf website for more information.

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Print a scorecard for Padasjoki Disc Golf Parkin

Maps of the disc golf parks

Asikkala Disc Golf Park – Map

Asikkala Disc Golf Park is located on a beautiful Kalmarin beach. Kalmarintie 17200 Vääksy. Load a park´s map from here and start playing!

Asikkala disc golf

Asikkala Disc Golf Park – Map

Padasjoki Disc Golf Park – Map

Padasjoki Disc Golf Park is located on beautiful landscapes of Kullasvuori by Lake Päijänne. You can lend discs from Padasjoki Tourist info by Padasjoki Harbour. Koulukuja 2, 17500 Padasjoki. Load a park´s map from here and start playing!

Padasjoki Disc golf

Padasjoki Disc Golf Park – Map